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The Acoustofluidics Society is an international body that represents and facilitates the interests of researchers and industries in the fields of acoustic particle manipulation, acoustic fluid control, and associated technologies, with particular applications in the Life sciences.

Executive Committee
  • Peter Glynne-Jones (President)
  • Per Augustsson (Vice-President)
  • Thomas Franke (Secretary)
  • James Friend (Treasurer)
Board Members
  • Mark Meacham
  • Glauber T. Silva
  • Richard Fu
  • Xuexin Duan
  • Rune Barnkob
  • Maria Tenje
  • Ashis Kumar
  • Tim Segers
The society developed from USWnet, a network formed in 2003 in the UK led by Clare Selden, UCL. Other founding members included Terry Coakley 1940-2006 (obituary).

For membership inquiries or related please contact the current President:
Peter Glynne-Jones, P.Glynne-Jones@soton.ac.uk


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